No one is thrilled about getting a root canal, but having this dental procedure is better than losing the tooth completely. If tooth decay is not treated, it advances inside the tooth and infects the pulp. A root canal is performed to replace the infected pulp with a filling, before the condition gets so bad that the tooth is lost. Let’s find out how root canals can save your teeth.

If you have advanced tooth decay, infected material and pus develops in the area where your tooth pulp should be located. This leads to pain and swelling, and can damage your bone structure and cause an abscessed tooth. The best solution is to have a root canal to get rid of the infected pulp and put a filling in its place.

A root canal is performed by your dentist in two or more visits, and antibiotics may be prescribed to help with pain and infection. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure to make you as comfortable as possible. The visits require cleaning the pulp chamber, placing a temporary filling, and finally sealing the tooth with a crown. After the root canal is complete, you are instructed to initially avoid hard foods. Then suggested care is the same for all of your teeth, including good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups. With proper care, your tooth has been saved and can last forever.

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