Veneers offer a quick solution to various problems that can cause you to be unhappy with your teeth. Whether it is your tooth color, spacing, or positioning, veneers correct these types of problems efficiently and painlessly. Porcelain veneers are thin shells permanently placed on the fronts of your teeth. If you are unhappy with your smile, continue reading to learn why people choose veneers to correct various dental problems.

Whitening your teeth
Discolored, stained teeth are very common in adults. After years of eating and drinking items that affect your teeth, stains attach to your tooth enamel and the color becomes yellow or grey. Gone are the days of your pearly whites, but porcelain veneers offer a solution to your dull, unattractive smile. Veneers cover your discolored teeth with a layer of porcelain that is bright and beautiful.

Removing gaps
Many people are unhappy with the spacing of their teeth, especially those who have gaps between teeth. In addition to the appearance, gaps also provide a place for food particles to get stuck and lead to plaque and decay. Veneers may be used to cover gaps by attaching a wide-sized cover to your tooth, which hides the gap and enhances your smile.

Straightening your teeth
Veneers offer an alternative to teeth straightening methods such as traditional braces. If you are unhappy with your smile but don’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment, veneers can correct your teeth by hiding what is behind their perfect new look. Veneers bring a cosmetic improvement without the long and sometimes painful process of braces.


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