In the past decade or so, cosmetic dentistry has experienced a boom in popularity. This branch of dentistry focuses on improving your appearance and self-esteem by altering your teeth and gums. Instead of focusing on oral health like general dentistry does, cosmetic dentistry targets the aesthetics of your smile.

One of the reasons that this type of dentistry has increased in popularity is that people are more and more concerned about how they look and feel about themselves. People are more willing to take the plunge into cosmetic treatments to enhance their appearance. This is true for plastic surgery, and it has expanded into dentistry as well.

Modern dental techniques have made cosmetic procedures less invasive or painful, contributing to the rise in popularity. Many treatments are practically pain-free, and provide dramatic results. Cosmetic dentistry is no longer seen as risky or uncomfortable, but something that achieves great and lasting impacts that are worth it in the long run.

Treatments are not connected to a specific age group either. People of all age ranges are reaping the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, and often in a short period of time. Sometimes in as little as an hour, cosmetic dentists can transform your smile.

Another thing that has boosted cosmetic dentistry is the fact that people are willing to talk about their cosmetic dental procedures. Even celebrities acknowledge the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, and provide impressive examples of dental work. Ordinary people are more willing to try to achieve a similar look to their most admired celebrities by undergoing cosmetic treatments. What perhaps used to seem unattainable now seems like something everyone can obtain for themselves through a qualified cosmetic dentist.