There are many methods available for brightening smiles these days. Along with the popularity of teeth whitening comes some myths about the process. Here is the truth.

Teeth whitening is unsafe.
Dentists worldwide recognize teeth whitening as a safe practice as long as safety guidelines are followed. Instructions for safe and effective use of products should always be included with any whitening products, whether for home use or professional. Most risks are centered on tooth sensitivity and exposure of the whitening agent to the gums and mouth, both of which can be handled with proper use. If any side effects do occur, they are almost always temporary.

Teeth whitening ruins tooth enamel.
The most common whitening agents are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, both of which are approved for this purpose in proper amounts. When you hear about teeth bleaching, it is not the same as household bleach that contains ammonia and would likely harm your teeth. Look for teeth whitening products that contain these types of peroxide that are pH balanced, meaning that they contain low acidity levels that will not damage your enamel.

All teeth whitening provides the same results.
Every person’s teeth are unique, which means that each person’s teeth whitening results will not be identical. Factors like genetics, previous medications, and lifestyle all affect the color of your teeth. Therefore, whitening products work to varying degrees on each person.

Teeth with restorations can’t be whitened.
The ability of restorations to be affected by whitening methods depends on the type of restoration and material used. Ask your dentist about your specific case to see if whitening will be successful.

You must go to a dentist to get results.
It is true that to get the most dramatic and fast results, it’s better to seek professional whitening treatment. However if you’re willing to be patient and consistent using at-home whitening methods, you’ll see some level of whitening results.


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