Once a permanent tooth is gone, there is no growing another one. Instead, you’ll need to turn to dentistry to help you restore your smile and regain your self-esteem. The reason for your tooth loss is not as important as choosing a way to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Dentures or bridges are no longer the only options for restoration, as dental implants have gained in popularity.

Dental implants are titanium rods that are surgically positioned into your jaw bone, creating a new tooth root that will anchor an artificial tooth placed on top. Your body is able to fuse together with the titanium implant and provide a comfortable and permanent way to restore your smile.

In addition to improving your appearance, dental implants offer you some additional benefits. The function of your mouth is improved, allowing you to bite and chew better. You can return to eating your normal diet, without having to avoid foods that might have been difficult to eat with missing teeth. Your ability to speak clearly also benefits, as it is easier to talk when all of your teeth are in place.

Missing teeth affects the health of your mouth as well. Teeth near the gap may be negatively impacted, and they may spread into the gap. Also, the bone that anchors your missing tooth will begin to recess when the tooth is no longer present. A dental implant helps prevent bone loss, which also means that it aids your facial structure. Bone loss can lead to loss of muscle mass and make your skin sag, creating the look of hollow cheeks. Implants improve your bone structure and strengthen your muscles, giving you back a healthier facial appearance.

All of these benefits, in addition to the restoration of your appearance, will allow you to smile more confidently. Dental implants that give you back a fully functional and attractive smile can also give you back your self-esteem.


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