Usually, people try to correct flaws in their smiles such as space, cracks, or chips. Cosmetic dentistry has grown exponentially in recent years as individuals invest money and time to achieve perfection. Seen as a backlash against flawless smiles, a new trend has emerged. Gaps between teeth have become all the rage.

For years, stars like Lauren Hutton, Madonna, and Anna Paquin have lived with space between their front teeth, sporting a more natural appearance. Recently, cosmetic dentists have had patients ask for artificial gaps to be added to their smiles. With experience, a skilled doctor can shave enamel off the tooth and add a veneer to create the desired look. However, if you tire of this image, it can be expensive to correct. As well, creating a gap between teeth could lead to oral health issues.

Known as Diastema, this term refers to a sizeable space between two teeth, often the two upper front incisors. Often, people feel self-conscious about their smiles when they have Diastema. Only cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic treatment can close the gap between teeth. The severity of the space usually determines the course of treatment, so a trip to the orthodontist may be the first step.

During a consultation, the orthodontist can evaluate your whole mouth and decide if you would benefit long-term from orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces can shift teeth into the correct position. Adults and older teen patients can also consider Invisalign clear braces. This revolutionary system utilizes custom, clear aligners to gradually shift teeth and create the desired results.