Visiting the dentist should be an important part of your health routine. You not only want to select a dentist who you feel comfortable with and confident about, but you also should feel good about the dental practice as a whole. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a reputable dental practice.

Consider the location and appearance of the building. Pay attention to the area where the office is located, and that other professional businesses are nearby. You don’t want to go to a dental office that is isolated or where you don’t feel safe. Watch for suitable parking and ample lighting.

Get a feel for the office by going inside. The atmosphere should be inviting, comfortable, and put you at ease. Meet the staff to learn if they are friendly and professional. Also, pay attention to the equipment and resources being utilized in the dental office. You don’t want a dentist performing your procedures using outdated or insufficient tools, and it’s desirable to have equipment like digital x-ray machines available in the office.

If there are other patients waiting, notice if they seem anxious or nervous. These might be indications that the care of the dental office isn’t sufficient. Also, if the waiting room is packed with patients, it might signal long waiting times for appointments.

Look for credentials displayed in the office indicating the training and experience of the staff. If you are seeking dental care for a certain specialty, such as cosmetic dentistry or pediatric dentistry, ask about qualifications of the staff in those specific areas.


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