Sometimes a root canal is the only way to save a tooth from extraction. Many patients are concerned about the recovery experience with this type of oral surgery. Although everyone is unique, here is an explanation of the typical recovery period and ways to make it successful.

Recovery time
Most patients recover from root canal treatment in 3-4 days, assuming there are no significant complications. Most people can expect to feel some tooth sensitivity, but should not experience pain.

Tooth condition
The tooth at the heart of the root canal treatment plays an important role in healing time. If it was severely decayed or abscessed, then recovery time will increase. These cases may require the jaw bone to heal as well, which takes longer. Also, if the tooth is actively infected, it may need more healing time.

Dentist experience
The level of skill and experience of the dentist performing the root canal can influence recovery time. All of the decayed or diseased portion of the tooth pulp must be removed to encourage a speedy and complete recovery. Any infection left behind can lead to reinfection, which is a complication guaranteed to extend healing time.

The dentist will provide instructions to follow after treatment. For example, the patient should not eat on the treated side of the mouth. The area may not only be tender, but sometimes the tooth structure is weakened and susceptible to fracture. In cases that the tooth was extremely damaged, a crown may be required for full restoration.

Faster healing
To speed up recovery time, choose a reputable and qualified dentist. Sometimes it is recommended to seek treatment from an endodontist, who specializes in root canal treatment. Also, be sure to strictly follow the aftercare guidelines. Follow the dentist’s advice about the number of appointments needed to complete the procedure. Certain cases, such as active infection, may benefit from more than one dental visit for complete root canal treatment. Do not rush the process, because it might increase recovery time in the end.


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