As adults, we can be sensitive about our appearance, and we want to feel the confidence that a bright, healthy smile can bring. Teens and young adults can feel this sensitivity more acutely as they are struggling with self-confidence. They may come to you with questions about the boost a teeth whitening procedure can bring.

Young people with concerns about their smiles should talk to a dentist before trying any at-home teeth whitening method. Immature adult teeth can be vulnerable to the process of whitening. A dentist will know what the proper strength of whitening and what method should be used in order to ensure maximum tooth health and appearance, both now and in the future.

Tooth discoloration can be a sign of some underlying dental issue, like a root canal infection or an abscess. At times, the signs of these problems can be very slight, with few to no symptoms perceived by the patient. A dentist will be able to identify underlying issues that have gone unnoticed by the young person, and will treat those issues before performing any in-office whitening process.

Teeth whitening at home takes much longer than teeth whitening at the dentist’s office. Studies have shown that only three visits are needed to significantly lighten tooth color as compared to more than sixteen days of treatments with at-home products.

Teens can be tempted to move forward with at-home products, independent of any advice from their dentists. Teens can severely damage the enamel layer of their teeth, something that cannot be rebuilt. Improper application of the product can result in a splotchy tooth appearance, negating the goal of the whitening: a more beautiful smile.

Most dentists believe that teeth whitening is safe for any child who has his or her permanent teeth fully descended. Some studies have shown that patients under the age of 25 show a greater responsiveness to the in-office whitening process. Because of this responsiveness, less product must be used to achieve the desired result.

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