shutterstock_17269039The emphasis of family dentistry is treating a wide variety of oral health issues for patients from every age group. Family dentists focus on educating patients about dental care, eliminating tooth decay, minimizing plaque buildup through professional cleanings, encouraging healthy gums, and treating problems. You can choose a family dental practice that meets the needs of everyone in your family by offering numerous services.

Professional cleanings
Removing tartar and plaque through professional cleanings helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. It also improves the look of your smile. It usually takes under an hour and is not painful.

Composite fillings
Cavities or small holes in your teeth can be filled with composite resin material, which matches your tooth color so that they are not noticeable in your smile. Plus, it serves the purpose of saving your damaged tooth.

Dental implants
Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, which are titanium rods surgically placed in your jaw and then covered with an artificial tooth. Implants are a permanent restoration that gives you back the appearance and function of your teeth.

A badly damaged tooth can be rebuilt using a dental crown, also called a cap. It completely covers the visible portion of the tooth to restore it.

When teeth are missing or extractions are needed, a partial or full set of dentures can be created to give you a full smile back. This is often a treatment for senior patients.

Pediatric dentistry
Children have unique oral health needs that a family dentist can treat. This includes preventing tooth decay, teaching good oral hygiene habits, ensuring good experiences at the dentist for kids, and more.

General dentistry
The most recent technology and advances in dentistry can be applied to all family members.

Additional services
Many family dentist offer many other services, such as dental X-rays, root canal treatment, bonding, bridges, emergency appointments, and more.


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