As wisdom teeth grow, it is common for them to crowd the surrounding teeth, causing them to shift and move. For this reason, your dental professional may have recommended extraction of the offending wisdom teeth for your teenager. Making your teen aware of what they can expect and how to prepare for oral surgery will help to relieve their anxiety and ensure a smooth and successful procedure.

Your oral surgeon in Sarasota, FL will provide a list of guidelines for before and after surgery. Some of these may include wearing loose-fitting clothing to the appointment and leaving contacts and jewelry at home. It will probably include instructions not to eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to surgery.

Explain to your teen that “chipmunk-cheeks” can be expected for a few days following surgery. Swelling is a normal expectation of recovery and can be controlled by regularly icing the cheeks.

Your teenager may be sad to hear they will have to forgo pizza and burgers for a few days. The good news is ice cream, smoothies, and mashed potatoes are encouraged!

Since most wisdom tooth extractions utilize some form of sedation, let your teen know they can expect to feel goofy and groggy for a period following surgery. Assure them you will be with them through the entire procedure. You will drive them home, and stay with them while they recover (and maybe record a funny video of their post-surgery loopiness for their enjoyment later).

It’s important to explain the procedure to your teen, making them aware their surgeon will be making incisions when the teeth are extracted and that they can expect to leave with a few stitches in their gums. Tell them their dentist will prescribe medication to ease any pain or discomfort they may experience following the procedure.

Encourage your teen to ask any questions or express any concerns they have about the procedure to you or their surgeon. With proper preparation, wisdom tooth extraction can be a smooth and easy procedure for both you and your teen.