Do you need a root canal treatment? Are you worried? Have you thought about postponing the procedure? Don’t. The conditions that lead to your needing a root canal treatment won’t get better if left untreated; they will only worsen over time.

Untreated infection in the tooth will spread downward, through the tooth roots, to the bone of your jaw. This can spread infection to your healthy teeth and puts the health of your bone at risk. Treating the tooth infection immediately with a root canal treatment is essential to removing the infection from your mouth and to the process of healing and then engaging in proper oral hygiene care.

Infections in the gums and teeth have been linked to heart disease and diabetes. Problems in pregnancy can arise due to bacteria and infection in the mouth. Some types of cancers have been linked to poor oral health. If you think of your mouth as the gateway to your body for all things, good and bad, you can see why having a mouth full of infection and bacteria is problematic for your entire system.

If you are worried about pain following your therapy, you need to remember that you’re probably experiencing pain now. If you’re not, you likely will be soon. Root canal treatments are specifically designed to relieve and prevent tooth pain. You will feel so much better when the tooth is free of infection!

Ignoring an infected tooth can lead to a tooth so badly decayed it must be extracted. Missing teeth can cause problems with alignment, bite and speech that can only be corrected by some kind of dental implant or dental bridge.

Protect your healthy teeth and protect your body by addressing your root canal immediately. Once it’s treated, you will feel fantastic! Take care of your body by taking care of your smile.


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