When it’s time to find a family dentist for you and your loved ones, you should take the task seriously. Look for a dental practice that will serve all of the family’s oral health needs now and in the future. One way to decide upon a practice is to visit the office and evaluate it for yourself. To learn about the dental practice’s fit for your family, here are some criteria to focus on when you visit the office for the first time.

You must feel comfortable and confident in both the dentist and the staff. Ask to meet with the dentist before your first appointment if possible, so that you can ask questions and learn more about the practice. This is especially true if you have children who will be seeing the dentist also. It is likely that you’ll have a lengthy healthcare relationship with your family dental practice, so make sure that everyone is happy with the staff.

Inquire about education, certifications, affiliations, and partnerships. A good dentist is not only educated, but also continuing to hone skills and learn about the latest technologies.

Observe how the staff in the dental practice treats you and your family. Friendliness, kindness, promptness, and a caring attitude are all important when you are considering a long-term healthcare relationship.

The facility and equipment should be clean and modern, as well as comfortable and inviting for patients. Also consider the office location because family members will be more likely to keep convenient appointments.

In looking for a family dental practice, you probably already asked around to friends and coworkers and researched on the internet for patient reviews. You should also observe other patients in the waiting room when you visit the office, noticing if they seem relaxed and comfortable. You might also consider asking patients if they are happy with the dentist and services.