When you have damaged, decayed, dingy, or missing teeth, you are not likely to smile very much. A cosmetic dentist can give you back your ability to smile proudly by performing a smile makeover. This branch of dentistry specializes in appearance instead of function, giving you back your self-confidence and happiness with your smile. Smile makeovers involve using a variety of treatments to transform your appearance.

One key to a successful smile makeover is finding a great cosmetic dentist. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations, check out reviews online, visit the dental office, and look at photos of their work. Don’t hesitate to ask for references so you can speak with other patients. Make sure your cosmetic dentist has appropriate training and credentials, especially in the procedures that you are considering. Finally, select a professional who you feel comfortable with so that you can openly discuss your needs, goals, and anxieties about your smile and possible dental work.

If you are a nervous dental patient with a history of anxiety about being treated, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry options. Many dentists offer several ways to sedate patients so that they are more relaxed and comfortable during treatment. When you visit your cosmetic dentist, you will be examined, measurements will be taken, and together you will develop a plan to improving your smile. Some common procedures that are used in smile makeovers include veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, contouring, bridges, implants, and orthodontics. Your treatment will be designed uniquely for you, and you should ask questions if anything is unclear or concerning. The most important thing is for you to be happy in the results of your smile transformation.

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