Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. When your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be, it can impact your whole attitude and your confidence in many situations. Whether your teeth are yellowed, chipped, crooked, or missing, you should consider restoring your smile with a makeover by a cosmetic dentist.

To transform your smile into the most beautiful one possible, see a cosmetic dentist who can repair minor imperfections all the way to major problems. Do your own research into the procedures that the dentist recommends, and make sure you are confident and comfortable with the dentist and office staff. Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan, get ready to makeover your smile!

Cosmetic dentists offer a variety of procedures to improve both the look and function of your mouth. Some common problems that can be addressed include:
•    Discolored teeth – one of the most popular improvements offered for making over a smile is teeth whitening. Years of smoking, drinking coffee or red wine, and other habits known to stain teeth can have lingering effects. There are numerous choices for brightening your smile, some that can be performed yourself at home and others performed professional in your dentist’s office. Whichever route you select, the end result should be whiter teeth that create a healthier looking smile.
•    Chipped teeth – an option for repairing a chipped tooth is bonding, which involves using composite resin material to fix it so that it looks like nothing ever happened. Another choice is dental veneers, which consist of a thin shell that covers your existing teeth to hide any imperfections like chips, gaps, or discoloration.
•    Cavities – modern technologies allow use of tooth-colored material to fill cavities so that they aren’t noticeable in your mouth.
•    Missing teeth – a dental implant can create an artificial tooth root, with a crown placed on top to create a natural and comfortable tooth replacement. Or, a bridge or dentures can be custom-made to restore teeth and functionality.
•    Misaligned teeth – traditional braces or the newer technology called Invisalign, which uses clear plastic trays to realign your teeth, are orthodontic ways to correct your smile.


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